Our Stylepads are used extensively in public spaces and educational institutions. After users from both sectors expressed a need to secure their Stylepads (anti -theft), we came up with the ultimate solution: the Safety Clip. The clip secures the highest Stylepad, making it impossible to remove any of the other Stylepads from the frames.


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Dock Four has now joined forces with Kvadrat, working with its designers to select a special collection of fabrics. Kvadrat and Dock Four: partners on the wall. Samples are available on request. 








New to the collection: Reindeer moss.

Reindeer moss originates from Norway and is harvested sustainably, subject to strict government supervision. During the preparation process leading up to its use in a cell, colour-fast and non-toxic dyes are used to enhance its colour. This guarantees long-term colour fastness, with moss lasting five years on average.