Circular vision

We have set ourselves a major challenge: we want to make every part of our business process circular in nature, focusing on tomorrow's interiors. We hope that this will enable us to make the very best use possible of raw materials, material, human talent and creativity. 


We have developed our Stylepads and corresponding Functions with exactly this in mind. Because of its 'detachable' nature, this product offers maximum flexibility and facilitates re-use.

Stylepads and Functionals are easy to switch and re-use. The hanging system is durable and part of it can be re-used. Where return flows are concerned, we work with Berber, a great company that separates all of our waste flows, which makes maximum re-use possible. The company also employs people who are disadvantaged in the employment market.

We have identified our CO2 footprint too and are doing research to establish how we can produce and re-use our materials even better, arm in arm with partners who support our circular philosophy.