Fire resistance


The following applies when using a Dock Four Stylepad in public spaces: Dock Four is a decoration or design element and, according to Section 7.4 of the 2012 Buildings Decree (Bouwbesluit 2012), must only contribute marginally to the creation of a fire hazard. Most Dock Four Stylepads (consisting of a limited number of m2) make just a marginal contribution to the creation of a fire hazard. As a result, Dock Four is subject to no further requirements.

If no marginal contribution is made to fire behaviour, or a special designated use is the case, requirements may be imposed in relation to fire class and smoke class.




The constituent components used by Dock Four - the various hard and soft upholstery materials, acoustic foams, MDF and ABS hanging system - enable it to comply with certain fire and smoke-class requirements, immediately or once several extra measures have been implemented.


Efectis Nederland (formerly TNO), a laboratory that carries out fire testing, tested the fire behaviour of various Dock Four combinations and then issued a report. Tests results are available on request.


Please contact the Dock Four team to discuss special designated uses.